2016 | Reflections

Oh my what a year. I can’t believe its over but I’m ready for this chapter to close. I’ll be brief the year has had many blessings for but I’ve also taken a lot of loses. We live and we learn and I hope the lessons I learned in 2016 will bring a path of wisdom and change for 2017. As customary my review will be in a list. Makes it easier to skim, for all those whose scheming is their reading style of choice.

01| Hello Blogging World

On May 16th I hit publish on my first post and it was a small intro into the blogosphere.

02| Travel

My primary reason for starting this blog was for travel. I love to explore and I wanted to share a slice of my world views with all of you. So on the last week of May I hoped on a plane across the Atlantic to see what Europe has to offer. It was magical and I learned a lot about myself.

To catch my new readers up to speed on my travels here is a short list

Berlin Germany, I spent two magical weeks here and I found a city that I’m in love with and would go back at anytime.

Behind the Berlin wall

France, spent six weeks here and visited a heap of beautiful cities: Nice, Saint Guilhem, and Marseilles I visited lots of other places, (Paris, Sète, Montpellier, the beach) but laziness trumps writing blog posts.

Nice France
Marseille France

London England, deciding to visit the U.K. was a really impulsive last minute move. I didn’t even have it on my itinerary (or mind) but when a friend of mine mentioned she was there for the summer and invited me, I immediately bought a plane ticket two weeks before the flight. This was great decision. I got to spend an entire week hanging out with an awesome college friend, we went on some awesome adventures which may or may not include getting lost in the middle of a park at night, and I made new friends.

Pretty flowers in Hyde Park

Norway Bodø, I have one word to describe this place, magnificent. The last leg of my European trip included going to Norway to visit a friend in northern most city in the Country. We spent time catching up, exploring the town, and going on a hike. The views from the hiking trip were enough for me consider going back to Norway and explore more of its hidden gems. Seriously, I never knew how beautiful Norway is until I set foot in the fjørds.

These views though.

03| School

This is where I took my loses. I was overwhelmed with work and other responsibilities I finished the semester on a boring and exhausted note. I also only blogged once the whole semester all the way back in October.

I appreciate latte art and good coffee.

04| The elections

The world is losing it and 2016 will be a bad year in history. I watched the country I’ve called home for the past fourteen years elect a racist misogonist for the highest office in the nation. A lot has happened in terms of current events this year and I spent my time after the elections comforting and being comforted by friends.

05| Whats next

A post about my goals for 2017 will be coming your way soon. See you then awesome people!


  1. Nora Gouma

    January 8, 2017 at 9:57 am

    Amazing post, beautiful pictures as well, I love your blog, cannot wait for the next post, thank you for sharing. You look very pretty!!!



    1. Cindy Simba

      January 10, 2017 at 3:32 am

      Thank you Nora. Thanks for reading 🙂

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