September Reflections | 5 Things

I found myself today waking with a cold nose and freezing toes after a long afternoon nap. As I got out of bed my feet touched the arctic floor I quickly grabbed some thick socks to rescue myself from the cold apartment floor. I asked my roommate if we could turn on the heat but because we live in an ancient city apartment, the landlord has to manually turn it on for us. How and when he does it is totally up to him. Great. So I moved my body across our living room and into the kitchen to boil some water and make some tea.

Sipping on some soothing warm apple cinnamon tea I tried to avoid any form of social life. I canceled my plans for the night and instead sat cuddled up in our couch and wrote this post. It’s been over a month since I last wrote and to you, my readers, I owe an explanation. Life has gotten in the way and here’s what happened in a nutshell.

01 | Hello New Apartment
I was supposed to move in on the first day of septmeber but I didn’t get myself near our building until a week latter, and exactly one day before my lectures began. As a result I had to live in clutter for almost a month before my roomate and I started to organize our lives.

02 | In Sickness and…
As I was scrambling to adjust to school and a new place my immune system decided to slightly quit on me. I caught a bug or a cold, I don’t remember what anymore but I was bed ridden and unmotivated for days. I’m currently trying to get my mojo back.

03 | Recruitment
My sorority recruitment was the second week of school and it was a lot of time spent with the sisters and interests. I love my girls but it took a lot out of all of us.

04 | Deadlines                                                                                                                                                     Less than three weeks into the new school year I had an exam and a project due. As of today I’ve had two exams and projects. *Insert teeth shuttering emoji*

05 | Work
Through the chaos and mayhem of maladies, volunteering, and studying I was also working an ungodly amount of hours. Can you say w-o-r-k-a-h-o-lic?

I made time for a short photo-shot with a new friend. T’was nice. I reached my tipping point and I’m now on moderation mode. Getting ready to stabilize my life, workless and blog more!

September Reflections

September Reflection

September Reflections
Moving forward into October.


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